Recover Well

No matter what you are facing or what you have been through, recover well. Don’t look like what you’ve been through. God wants you to come out of the fire shining like pure gold. He wants to make your time in the fire valuable like diamonds. Recover well. When you speak more fervently about what you’ve been through than how you made it through, you continue to give your circumstances more power than your Sustainer. Talk like a winner. Walk like a winner. Dress like a winner. Recover well. Sometimes God takes you through to bring you out! Come out better. Come out stronger. Come out wiser. Recover well.

Dr. TC

Disconnect to Connect…

God disconnected the walls of Jericho to connect the Israelites to the promise land! Dr. TC

I want to challenge you to connect more to what God is doing and saying in this season. Just like in Egypt, God sent the 10 plagues as a message for disobedience, I believe there is a message God wants to deliver through the current pandemic. Where does your obedience meter fall? In Egypt, the plagues also served as a display of miracles, signs, and wonders. I have witnessed several testimonies of the miracles of God showing up right in the midst of the pandemic for many people and even for myself. And I do believe since the pandemic is not over, God will perform more miracles, signs, and wonders for those vessels of obedience. Will it be you?

The counterintuitive fact; sometimes you have to disconnect to connect. In order to connect with God in deep, life-altering ways, sometimes you have to disconnect from those voices in your head, friends, family, negativity, fear, doubt, unbelief, and personal idols. You have to make your main focus God’s glorious wisdom and power. Meditate on who He is, meditate on how He operates, meditate on What He says in His Word. You can’t miss Him. He’s everywhere. Disconnect to connect. Don’t miss Him in this season. I believe the pandemic is a method to shift our thinking, adjust our behaviors, and test our faith. As I am sitting here beside an art project our son created of clouds and raindrops, I believe God is dropping some things like a refreshing rain on vessels of obedience. God, whatever you are dropping, fall on me Lord!

Dr. TC