Discover Prompt Day 27

One of the Greatest teams of all time…

Interesting fact about me: I love NFL football! Fashion, Faith, Fitness….and FOOTBALL! Yep, that’s me. My all-time favorite NFL player is Peyton Manning. He is now retired and I followed him from the Indianapolis Colts to Denver, the last team he played for before retirement.

I started following Peyton Manning when he played for the Indianapolis Colts. Matter of fact, I got quite the stare while attending a NFL pre-game wearing my Indianapolis Colts gear while sitting on the home team side of the Carolina Panthers! I like athletes that play from a place of intelligence not arrogance. I’ve seen both and Peyton Manning is definitely one of the most intelligent athletes I’ve seen. He had the ability to use his intellect to outplay any team and find a way to win against any strategy aimed to stop him. After learning his style and trusting his intellectual abilities, I was never bothered if it was 3rd quarter and the team was behind by more than a few touchdowns with Peyton as the quarterback. Peyton always knew how to think well, lead well, and connect well with his teammates to pull through every time. He was a true team player.

One of the greatest teams of all-time included the trio of Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, and Reggie Wayne while playing for the Indianapolis Colts. It was a true gift to watch them in action. I always anticipated what record-breaking move they would make next. A recent article I read stated this, “Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison played together for eight seasons, forming one of the greatest receiving tandems in history. They were close in so many ways – their numbers (87 and 88, respectively), their lockers (side by side) and their statistics (grab the closest record book).” Another article stated, “Manning and Harrison also own every major quarterback to receiver record, including most yards, completions, and touchdowns.” It was a true treat to watch this trio each shine in their own gifting while also demonstrating humility in unity.

Humility involves being mindful of others. Without humility, true unity does not exist. If you want to be a good team player, first find out how to serve others on your team. Any team can win a game, but a team based in humility breaks records…

Don’t just win in life, break records!

Dr. TC

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