Discover Prompt Day 24

Lemon Verbena Tea

Yesterday morning, after a drought of approximately a year, it happened. I took a sip of one of my favorite elixir drinks, Lemon Verbena tea. Not just any Lemon Verbena tea…

I’m talking about Lemon Verbena tea fresh from a Lemon Verbena plant. I’ve feigned for this drink for approximately a year! In case you are wondering, we travel quite a bit, so my last plant died during a travel weekend. I definitely hope to find an automatic watering system this year.

Everything about this elixir brings me so much joy. First, I take the journey to one of my favorite garden centers, For Garden’s Sake. This garden center is a very special place, as it is a family friendly center where I am able to browse the gardens as well as visit the animal park with my son, Elliott, and watch him play with the goats, chickens, and ducks on the grounds. I remember last year, on a beautiful fall day, having a relaxing picnic in the park right next to the duck pond, followed by Elliott jumping and making music on the tree stumps. I enjoy ending our journey loading up my car with beautiful plants and fresh soil. You would think I have a green thumb, but I assure you I do not! I simply enjoy creating beautiful things. What I do have though, is mindful awareness into the things that touch my soul, bring peace and happiness, and remind me of the beauty that God created. For Garden’s Sake takes me there…

On Wednesday of this week, after discovering garden centers were “essential businesses”, who knew, we took a family trip to pick up a Lemon Verbena plant. I almost couldn’t contain my excitement. While there, I also picked up three other plants to create a nice display pot, using the skills learned from a representative at For Garden’s Sake last year. I learned to choose something tall, something short, and something falling to make a beautiful flower pot display. Of course, we had a great time also visiting the goats, ducks, and turtles before we left.

Back at home, Elliott and I planted the flowers in our pot to display on our back deck. It was such a joy watching him get his little hands dirty with me and insisting on carrying the water pot by himself. The day was an extension of Earth Day were we were able to enjoy the “fruits” of God’s labor. Within minutes, the flower pot was complete and brought incredible life to our small deck.

Preparing Lemon Verbena tea is very simple yet brings pure joy. After firing up the Keurig to release the hot boiling water into one of my favorite Starbucks mugs, I step barefoot out onto the deck and pull a few Lemon Verbena leaves from my plant. If you try this at home, you must do so barefoot. Ha! The fresh lemon aroma from this plant is delightful! I essentially bring mother earth straight to my mug in the most delicate way. I sometimes add a little agave syrup, find a comfortable place to sit and enjoy my tea, and then…I write. What a God experience!

I had no idea Lemon Verbena tea would gain this much attention in my writing on Elixir. I read in an email that an elixir may be something that has given you a fleeting lift in the past week. The Lemon Verbena tea plant has certainly lifted my spirits, brought a deep sense of relaxation, and opened my mind to creativity, one sip at a time.

Dr. TC

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