Discover Prompt Day 14

Book: What’s Your Story?

Books. Books. What can I say about books. Books tell a story. Book share an experience. Books give a perspective. Books allow you to travel across the world and back in a day. Books reveal the soul. Books give instructions, direction, hope, and encouragement. Books evoke every emotion given to man. I believe books also allow a safe place of vulnerability, because the contents are only revealed to those that make effort to open it.

In thinking about the word “book” my mind naturally thinks about the Good Book of Life, The Holy Bible. This is the book that lays the foundation of who I am, how I live, and how I lead. This is the book that comforts me and challenges me. This is the book that grows me and grooms me. This is the book that is a constant. Unlike other books, once I have read its contents, the book goes on the shelf and I prepare for the next good read. The Bible however, is always around as a resource and reference throughout my daily life.

God has given all of us a life that tells a story that is unique and life changing for someone somewhere. We all have a story. I became an avid listener of stories when I became a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. I do not only listen to stories, but essentially help others rewrite their stories. I love hearing stories told by the key character…you. Stories of resilience. Stories of strength. Stories of healing. Stories of pain. Stories of hope. Stories of disappointment. Stories of unions. Stories of isolation. Stories of fear. Stories of rejection. Stories of victory. Stories give insight into who we are, where we come from, where we are going, and our greatest challenges and successes.

Stories connect us. How? Because we all have one! Too many people are scared to tell their story as if the end is already written in stone. I challenge you to become skilled in the art of storytelling. What’s in your present chapter? What chapters are behind you? What is your vision for the next chapter of your life? Your life, your story, your book will one day go on the shelf right beside The Good Book. The two best selling books there are!

“God uses our story for His Glory, no matter how it begins or how it ends.” Dr. TC

4 thoughts on “Discover Prompt Day 14

    • drtiacrooms says:

      Thank you!! Are you willing to “share” your story? I’m recruiting “storytellers” for an Art of Storytelling: My HIStory” seminar on ZOOM in planning. Would love you to be a featured guest.


    • drtiacrooms says:

      Hello Kesha! I am excited about your willingness to tell your story. I am developing a seminar and looking for featured guests who will tell their stories which will be the beginning phases of writing their story if they so desire. If you are ready…would you be interested in being a featured guest to share your story in a safe space?


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