Save yourself…serve others!

The power of human connection and the burden to serve showed up early this morning as I invested my time to teach a young boy English. Today was one of those days that reminded me that every experience I have been given is a God given opportunity to make a difference in this great big world. As I opened my camera to teach a lesson from the comfort of my home in North Carolina, an 11 year old boy from China began our lesson in a state of sadness. He freely discussed the deadly virus spreading in China and how it affected him and his family. News reports refer to the virus as a “super spreader” virus as 1 patient has been reported to have infected 14 health care workers. I took a moment to validate his feelings and offer a bit of comfort. The greater burden for me was also knowing that in a few days China will celebrate the biggest holiday of the year, šŸ§§Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is a time of family connection, feasting, gift giving, and celebrating…much like Christmas in the USA. Interestingly, in one of my classes on yesterday, another young boy I taught informed me of a cancelled trip to go skiing in Beijing due to the spread of the virus. Just days before, we had a lesson and he was telling me how excited he was to go skiing in Beijing for the winter holiday and in celebration of Chinese New Year. He even jokingly said, “I don’t want to die or anything.” in our conversation. Although jokingly expressed, I knew there was a bit of truth to his words as the news reports continue to track the number of deaths occurring in Wuhan, China.

Why did this affect me? Why was this presented to me? I believe God wanted me first to take the focus off of me! I have been so overwhelmed with “problems” I have lost track of what is really important to God…and what is really important to me, serving others. This is precisely what the enemy wants, to get us off track and make us lose focus. I am realizing my prayers have been misdirected. I have prayed enough about myself that God knows exactly what I need and desire. I know that serving others whether through my time, monies, prayers, a hug, kind words, etc. is my ministry. Today as I offer my ministry to the people of China, particularly in Wuhan, I send prayers of protection, healing, and a God-given cure to stop the spread of this disease, not only in China but in the USA and other countries as well where this virus has been reported. I decree, “No weapon formed against us will be able to prosper!”

As you read about my experience, let your spirit ignite a fire to serve others as well. Let your heart be reminded how good God is to you and how many things seen and unseen he protects you from daily. Let not your heart be troubled by the problems that you currently face, but decide today to release your burdens to God and serve others until your heart is full. Have faith that what you need and desire is already taken care of. I have found that when I serve others, I ultimately end up saving myself.

Happy serving!

Dr. TC